A shortage of money was a problem for the American colonies. England did not supply its colonies with sufficient coinage and prohibited them from making their own.
The early settlers brought coins from Europe, but there was a constant shortage, and at times, the colonists were forced to barter for goods with primitive currencies that included Indian wampum, nails, and tobacco.
During this period, many of the coins circulating were issued by foreign governments such as Spain and England, but there were also pieces issued by Colonial State governments, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, as well as the fledgling Colonial government, issuing pieces that included designs by the founding fathers.
The coins of the Colonial period are considered to be among the most desirable collectibles because of the rich historical context of the times, and the wonderful variety of design motifs used to represent the issuing authorities and their ideals.
It is for these same reasons that Intaglio Mint has chosen to issue a series of tribute pieces of these designs in all their variety. The series will be issued initially in .999 Fine Silver, a 39mm diameter / 2 troy ounce format, with additional formats to be issued in the future.
The designs are being rendered with all attempts being made to retain the archaic charm of the handmade designs, while supplying a modern uncirculated quality that can no longer acquired in the original issues.