Intaglio Mint is dedicated to provide you with the highest quality custom minted products possible to fit your budget. Whether you have every detail predetermined, or only a simple idea of what you may want, our skilled artisans can help you through the entire process, from concept, through fabrication, packaging and presentation, as well as fulfillment.

    • Artwork – using your provided artwork, or working closely with our art department, your ideas will be developed into a final design suitable for minting. The final artwork will be sent to you for signed approval before the tooling is begun.
    • Die Charges – Every minted product requires the use of two dies. The price ranges depending on the complexity of the design, and the level of finish you desire in the final product. The following pricing is a guideline only. Price is per tool.


Die Pricing Guidelines

Medalet Sizes - 13mm(~.500") - 29mm(~1.140") Diameter
Plain Text 2D$200+
2D Logos and Graphics$300+
2 1/2D text, logo or light modeling$375+
3D Designs$500 – $1,250+
Medal Sizes 30mm (~1.181") to 40mm (~1.575") Diameter
Plain Text 2D$425+
2D Logos and Graphics$500+
2 1/2D text, logo or light modeling$650+
3D Designs$700 – $1,800+
Medallion Sizes 41mm (~1.625") Diameter +
Plain Text 2D$600+
2D Logos and Graphics$650+
2 1/2D text, logo or light modeling$700+
3D Designs$900 – $2,100+

Above pricing does not include sculpts (if required), these prices reflect tool and engraving only